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I am watching my first Hawaiian sunset in over two weeks, after being 'off island' traveling for the end of May. As the sky turns azure blue to lavender to flamingo pink and orange, I am reminded of the beauty of this place, the serenity, the warmth of aloha. I am also reminded of my blessings. I try every day to remember how lucky I am to be a mom, how special it is to be able to form the beliefs and the knowledge and the core of a new being. It is a true gift to have that responsibility, and one I try to keep in mind as the mind gets bogged down in the annoying, sometimes difficult details.

The sunset is a way of reminding me of what's important. For some reason it takes the day's worries, the errands, the stresses or troubles, and they disappear with the sun as it blazes around the Earth. The solar system, nature in general, it evokes a sense of peace and a restoration of priorities because we can clearly see how small we are in comparison to the grandiose system that we are a part of - how our lives with their ups and downs are if anything a small bump along the journey, a blip in the ecosystem of reality. When I watch the sun dip into the vast ocean after a long day, I think, 'thank you for the reminder'. I do the best I can and let go of the rest.

Blessings to you all :)

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