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I am watching my first Hawaiian sunset in over two weeks, after being 'off island' traveling for the end of May. As the sky turns azure blue to lavender to flamingo pink and orange, I am reminded of the beauty of this place, the serenity, the warmth of aloha. I am also reminded of my blessings. I try every day to remember how lucky I am to be a mom, how special it is to be able to form the beliefs and the knowledge and the core of a new being. It is a true gift to have that responsibility, and one I try to keep in mind as the mind gets bogged down in the annoying, sometimes difficult details.

The sunset is a way of reminding me of what's important. For some reason it takes the day's worries, the errands, the stresses or troubles, and they disappear with the sun as it blazes around the Earth. The solar system, nature in general, it evokes a sense of peace and a restoration of priorities because we can clearly see how small we are in comparison to the grandiose system that we are a part of - how our lives with their ups and downs are if anything a small bump along the journey, a blip in the ecosystem of reality. When I watch the sun dip into the vast ocean after a long day, I think, 'thank you for the reminder'. I do the best I can and let go of the rest.

Blessings to you all :)

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The Keiki Pools


Our new favorite spot is a place called the "Keiki Pools". "Keiki" is the Hawaiian word for child or baby. It is a small beach with white sand and lava rocks, like most beaches on the Big Island of Hawai'i, but it doesn't have the things all other beaches here have: waves. We were told about it two weeks after we arrived in Kona.

It is a series of small pools, about knee deep, that make natural baby pools or child swimming zones. Every day we have been here to this beach, we have met a group of children all swimming and playing. The water is warmer than the ocean and super salty, so you can easily float. Best of all, our son is not afraid to run splashing & laughing into the shallow water. Usually, when we bring him to the beach and get close to the water, he begins shaking his head, No, No. Like, 'No, I am not going in there, you guys are crazy if you think I am going in there.'

Here I can actually relax on a beach chair and watch him run through the sand, play on the shore with his shovel, and not feel I have to be one step away. It's exceptional, and we have made it a point to go at least once a week. Bodhi is becoming a real water baby, between the pool, the bath, and the keiki beach, he goes into the water every day. And he loves being in water.

This week we went with my mom (grandma) to the pools, and Chris and I both tried on our new Vibram water shoes. You know, the crazy shoes with five toes? They are awesome... when I wear them, I feel like an avatar. It is like being barefoot, but with better feet. I wish they had child shoes, because B has become a real Hawaiian baby already with callused little feet and tanned legs. He also wants to climb every palm tree we pass, and he can't do that unless he has Spidey-shoes like Momma and Daddy.

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Surf's Up!

Lesson One at Kahalu'u Beach

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My husband Chris's birthday was Saturday. For his birthday, I decided to surprise him with a surf lesson. Luckily, my mom was here, so we could go take a lesson together. We woke early and I drove him down to the beach. At this point, he was pretty sure what was going to happen. We put our rashguards on. We got a quick lesson on land on how to hop up onto the surfboard. Slide one foot forward and keep the other foot back, both facing sideways, arm pointing forward toward the shore. Luckily for Chris, the stance is similar to snowboarding. Luckily for me, the stance is similar to the yoga pose Warrior 1. He and his regular foot, and me and my goofy foot, carry our foamy surfboards across the street and into the ocean. We climb awkwardly on, and begin paddling out toward the waves. I won't exaggerate about the size of the waves... they were baby waves, about 2-4 feet. Our instructor paddles out effortlessly. He is a tanned local Big Island Hawaiian, and he looks like he has been on the ocean every day of his young life. I would have estimated that Dom (the instructor) was 20 years old, until he informed us that he also has a 2 year old son, and that he is one of his several children. Dom is sitting on his surfboard, legs slung over each side, watching the waves come from the horizon. He tells us to point our boards out toward the waves and watch. We aren't really sure what he is seeing. But before we know it, he says, "Turn around guys, and start paddling". We spin around and I begin paddling frantically with both arms. "Faster now" he says, and then he gives us a quick nudge and the wave is under us. "Stand up now!" he yells, and we both leap forward like we were taught, bending our knees and trying to stay upright. I am amazed that the wave is still moving under me, and that I am managing to stay upright. About ten seconds later, the wave is gone, and I fall off the surfboard, grinning widely. I start paddling back to where Dom is sitting, and when I arrive, I try to climb down and sit the way he is sitting on the board. But before I can balance, he says, "here comes another one, Get ready." I see nothing. But I climb back onto my stomach and turn the board around. I am again paddling as hard as I can and he shoves the board under the wave. Again, I leap up and ride the wave to the break. It is amazing what a rush of adrenaline I am getting as I yell to Chris, "I'm really doing it!!"

The last time we tried surfing was at Bondi Beach outside Sydney, Australia in 2003. It was a fun experience, but I was never really ready to move from my torso or my knees up to my feet. I spent the whole two hours boogie boarding, and cheering for Chris. This time, however, I was really surfing, and loving it. I can see why this sport is incredibly addictive. For one, it is unbelievably rewarding when you catch a wave. Secondly, you are out on the ocean, sun on your back, feet dipped into the cool water, a perfect morning activity. Thirdly, each ride produces a rush of adrenaline and giddiness that honestly took me by surprise. Fourth, like fishing, it can be anything you want it to be. You can put in a lot of effort or a little. You can continuously ride waves or you can basically sit on your board and watch the waves float by.

This time, we were riding each wave that Dom told us was a good one to take. For the next half hour, it felt like each time I got back out to where he was, he was telling me to go again. By forty minutes in, my arms were really tired. I was having to paddle using my entire body. I was trying to paddle simultaneously with both hands. It felt like it was taking longer and longer to get back out to where Dom was, and that he was moving further and further out. Turns out, he was moving further out. As we got 'better', he moved us out to the next rung of surfers that were another hundred yards out to sea. With these waves, we were able to jump up and ride the wave until it crested, then it would pick up again and we would get to go another ten seconds almost back to shore; Making each ride twice as long, and each paddle back out twice as hard. By the end I was lying face down on my surfboard telling Dom, "I will wait for the next one", because I literally didn't think I could paddle back out again without a few minutes recovery. Talk about arm and shoulder strength! Now I know why all surfers are incredibly lean with amazing back musculature. I definitely will need to improve my back and shoulder muscles before I come back out again.

As the two hour lesson was ending, we each got in our final wave and climbed out of the water carrying the 12 foot surfboards on our heads. I had a permanent grin on my face. I knew Chris would be a natural at it, but I never expected to do so well myself after my last experience. I never expected to get a love for it on the first lesson. Now, I am shopping for a surfboard, and we are talking about going to the beach and tag team surfing. I stay on the shore with Bodhi while Daddy surfs, then we switch. A perfect Hawaiian morning and a perfect way to jump right in to life.

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