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25 ways to love your child...

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(1) Accept who they are, and that it is not you
(2) Nurture their talents
(3) Allow them to feel their feelings
(4) Don't rush to change their minds or make them stop crying - help them cope and feel better on their own time
(5) And teach them that you will be there for them, no matter how they are feeling
(6) Encourage and compliment them for the little things - throwing a ball, drawing a picture, saying 'thank you'
(7) Be firm about sleep - a well rested child is a happy child
(8) Make them laugh
(9) Don't put them down, build them up.
(10) Read to them, again and again...even that book that drives you insane...
(11) Give them guidelines, and be consistent
(12) Try to see the world from their perspective
(13) Spend time playing, interacting, and showing them new things
(14) Feed them healthy food, to inspire lifelong good nutrition and health
(15) Allow them to make choices: what to wear, where to go (park or pool today?)
(16) Hugs and kisses
(17) Provide activities and exercise everyday
(18) Let them make mistakes
(19) And teach them to try again
(20) Be patient with them
(21) Talk to them - explain things - they why's and how's - they understand more than we know!
(22) Support them when they try something new, or during big changes
(23) Appreciate their limitations
(24) Show them you make mistakes too, and you keep trying
(25) Believe in them

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